When we swing a golf club we must think of our spine as being the axis of our golf swing. This being said our shoulders or the angle of the shoulders should also be maintained throughout our swing.


Commonly I see a number of golfers not turning their shoulders correctly and this can lead to multiple issues. Our shoulders should rotate perpendicular or at 90 degrees to the spine both into the backswing and into the follow through.
A good exercise is to hold your driver across your shoulders while tilted forward towards the golf ball. Now turn into your backswing checking that you are rotating perpendicular to your spine and then mirror this position into your follow through. What I like to do is turn into my backswing and imagine where the club is pointing to on the ground then rotate through impact and see if I can get the club pointing to the same point on the ground.


Now this shoulder angle or shoulder plane is going to be different with each club. Example if we swing a wedge our body is more tilted forward therefore our shoulder plane will be steeper than say a hybrid of our driver.
When I see a right handed golfer drop there right shoulder down during the downswing I know that this causes the club to become stuck behind making a solid impact all but impossible. When we maintain our shoulder plane we enable the arms and club to stay in front of our chest resulting in better contact with the ball leading to more distance and better direction.
A great way to check is take a video from behind and see if your backswing shoulder plane matches the follow through shoulder plane.
Try this today and take the next step to becoming a better more stable player.