Is there a difference?  

Not very much, take a look at the testing results comparing recycled golf balls against washed golf balls  and refinished results. These results show a minimal difference between the recycled and the refinished golf balls, and this difference is under strict testing conditions with a consistent mechanical driver. Something the average golfer would be hard pressed to duplicate.

Why not refinish every golf ball?  
Why fix what’s not broken, the majority of the used golf balls come to us good condition, probably being hit only a few times before being lost in the rough or veering off into the nearest water hazard.  After inspection and grading these balls only need a good cleaning and new clear-coat to bring back that fresh out of the sleeve shine.

Then why refinish any golf balls?
That small percentage of higher end balls that pass grading showing that they are 100% intact with no cover abrasions, path marks or cuts but are just cosmetically stained, are ideal for refinishing.  Refinishing restores the appearance of a player marked or stained ball.  If not for the green Links Choice mark, many golfers would have a hard time telling the difference.
Are recovered golf balls waterlogged?Golf balls are constructed of various types of plastic, so they don’t absorb water. Older type of wound balls can be water-logged if the outer cover is broken, allowing the water in. Cut balls don’t make it past our quality control, they end up in the hit-away bin and only sold as clearly marked practice grade. However even a vintage wound ball in excellent shape is set aside for nongolfing use, some have even been used in the construction of artificial reefs.


Does re-clear coating or refinishing affect the performance or the life of the ball?
Some washed only recyclers would like you to believe this, the truth is all used/recycled balls are subject to minor performance variations from new ones, no matter how they are treated.  Durability and performance are not guaranteed by the original manufacturer’s warranty on any used golf ball.  However, Links Choice believes strongly in all its recycled and/or refinished products, stands behind them with tested performance and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How do I know a refinished golf ball is not an old model?
We take pride in our very strict quality control process.  Each golf ball is handled or inspected by five employees before making it to the refinishing line.  This protects us and the consumer, we process over 20,000,000 golf balls a year and sell every one of them.  We would quickly lose business if we couldn’t stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.